Monday, January 31, 2011


*Note: I can finally re-post this again.  It was on for about an hour the day before mom and dad left Egypt, but I pulled it when I realized that even a hint of their plans to leave was confidential.  Mom and Dad are safe in Houston.  You can check out her blog to learn more about what their evacuation was like and the days preceding it! *

Let's get one thing straight right away.  No, I'm not expecting... at least not the way you're thinking.  See, I'm preparing for unexpected house guests.  With "deadly" blizzards in our country and deadly riots in another, I'm seriously hopeful for some unexpected guests to be arriving unannounced.  While I doubt that anyone will take me up on my offer to escape the blizzards and come where it is 60s and sunny, if you are reading this and you are in that part of the country, consider this your invitation to hop on over and say hello.  While I have been hoping the situation in Egypt would not erupt into anything too dangerous, I am also preparing for the possibility that my parents would be evacuated and need somewhere to sleep for a while.  It feels unlikely, yet I am hopeful and preparatory.  The guest room is cleaned, though the bed is not yet set, and I'm an incredibly thankful for the spring cleaning bug I've had that recently sent 6 large bags of "I have no idea what's in there" to Goodwill.  If someone calls me up tonight and says they'll be here tomorrow, this place will be ready as if I've known for months of their visit.  I wish I had the money to make it feel like a 5 star hotel, but I'll take my best shot at a cozy B&B.  Bathrooms are spotless, floors are steamed, and I'm itching to go purchase the blackout curtains I've been thinking about for years for the guestroom.  Afterall, if mom and dad arrive, jetlagged, exhausted, confused, and a little bit bewildered, I want them to have the best night's sleep possible (or David and Leilani, or grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends...)  I have no clue at all if anyone is coming, but its worth it!

And all this eager, hopeful anticipation got me thinking... Someone IS coming!  Christ will be returning!  I don't know if it will be in my lifetime.  It could be tonight.  I often think about this with excitement, but honestly it is not with the heart-racing enthusiasm I feel right now.  Honestly, its killing me to sit here and write.  I just want to get back to cleaning baseboards and clearing out a dresser!  Lord, give me the kind of anticipaiton I feel now about YOUR return.  Give me the excitement and energy necessary to labor for preparing my own heart and those around me for that exciting day!  Search the depths of my heart and get rid of the "junk" and help me to make more space for you to permeate and inhabit every corner.  Make me pure, spotless, holy.  Help me to make the most of each moment in preparation for eternity.  And come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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  1. Beautiful, Megan!

    Even if the weather wasn't so frightful outside, your offer is very appealing!